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SHARPEN YOUR SAW with Andrea Buck

By July 12, 2020Events

WIFT Victoria is thrilled to be partnering with veteran film producer and writer, Andrea Buck, to bring you a one-hour Frog-e Coaching online Zoom session. Presented exclusively for WIFT VIC members, it will explore the core issue facing creatives, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic: the need to decouple your sense of self-worth from your achievement.

In the creative industries, far too many people link their self-worth to their achievement and recognition, to ‘success’.
This is a problem because: Success is rare, is fleeting, is sporadic, is hard to define, shifts, can feel always just out of reach, and is not in your control. On a personal level, this is a recipe for failure, stress, anxiety and overwhelm … where your happiness and wellbeing is outside of your hands.
Join Andrea to discuss this issue of taking back control of your own wellbeing by decoupling your self-worth from the results of your work, and have an opportunity to engage in the conversation.

Date: Thursday 23 July
Time: 12.30pm-1:30pm
Venue: Via Zoom

Please send your expressions of interest to

Andrea Buck is a veteran film producer and writer with decades of experience, most known in Australia for producing that little film that took the industry by storm – The Jammed. She has a Masters in Screen Art and Business (AFTRS), experience delivering business skills to the creative industries with Sue Maslin (producer, The Dressmaker) and Dr David Court (founder of Compton School), and has served on the boards of WIFT VIC and WIFT Australia.

Andrea was moved to action after witnessing the dismal mental health outcomes in the screen industry, and seeing talented women struggle and not attain their potential. She embarked on robust study in executive and life coaching to gain the skills and tools to effectively help improve creative career, business and life outcomes for people, mostly in the screen industries. To this end, Andrea set up Frog-e Coaching, where she delivers coaching and mentoring, and facilitates a weekly online Collaboration Marketplace – because one of the key drivers for success and wellbeing is connection. Frog-e Coaching’s Collaboration Marketplace consists mostly of actors, producers, writers and directors who meet each week for a highly engaged and interactive online meetup. A key issue revealed in this space is the common problem of linking self-worth to career success.